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Our goal is to produce healthy and tasty food without additives, prepared with love. We hope to inspire and encourage otherpeople to adopt a healthy lifestyle!

We strive to minimize the ecological footprint of our business, and corporate social responsibility. You can read more about our adventure on the page: Green and Sustainable

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“To be able to produce guilt free food is one of the treasures in life! It makes me energetic and happy, and hopefully others surrounding me as well”

– Simone van der Heide, Biobites


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From hobby to passion

Biobites was founded by Simone van der Heide, nearly 7 years ago. She led a hasty life in the catering industry, which she had to leave because of health reasons. The exact cause was unknown, and doctors’ advice didn’t help. What she did know, was that things had to change. Luckily, she isn’t easily defeated, and she started to see it as a challenge to find the right combinations of food and therapies to let her feel better. It didn’t just start working for her, but also for the people she helped in her coaching practice.

Her search for the purest food (no sugar, lactose and gluten) kept going, until raw food appeared on her path a couple years ago. In her opinion, this was as pure as it was going to get. She was so inspired that she combined her big passion, healthy food and cooking, into what is now known as Biobites. Nowadays, we produce 6 flax seed crackers that are completely free from gluten, lactose, sugar, egg, yeast and E-numbers. Aside from that, we also produce 3 flavours of cookies, chicory syrup and turmeric paste. All our products can be found at https://biobites.com/biobites-products/, tells Simone excitedly.

Once you choose to go for pure and clean food, you also want this for the rest of your company. That’s why we’re busy with sustainability and socially responsibility. We offer work to people with a handicap and poor job prospects. Besides that, we school students from diverse studies. The way we handle sustainability is by limiting the amounts of waste we produce, and by doing the dishes etc. with cold water. On top of that, all our products are completely organic.

We aren’t quite there yet, and have lots of plans for the future.

You can read everything about our sustainable conduct of business at https://biobites.com/biobites/green-and-sustainable/

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